Staring is rude Cecil.



He made Thor smile a little.

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A deer that catches stars in its antlers




Hey guys! Just wanted to do one big post highlighting the amazing guest art in the Bleeding Heart Kickstarter mini-print pack!! These pieces are by Mallory Dyer and Dana Terrace!

These mini prints are illustrations for my short werewolf-ish, alchemy-punk comic, Bleeding Heart! You can pick up your own mini print pack by supporting the Bleeding Heart Kickstarter!!

Only FOUR MORE DAYS to go in the campaign! Woo!

Yo!! Look at this!







let’s settle the debate on demons eating salty food

Julia had to eat three handfuls of rock salt to expel her demon (5.06 I Believe the Children Are Our Future)

a pinch of salt in a pie crust isn’t going to hurt Dean

are we not going to mention the fact that dean is a knight of hell and exorcisms didn’t even effect abbadon. the demon possessing julia was probably a lesser demon. i don’t think he’ll even notice the salt in pie much less be unable to eat it

honestly, I don’t think he’ll be able to smoke out at all. He’s not possessing a meat suit. His soul never left his body. And it seems to me that a demon powered by the mark of Cain would be bound to the body that bares the mark. 

I’m sure some of the demon rules still apply. holy water probably hurts him and he wont be able to cross salt lines, but if you break a salt line a demon can pass over it. Salt in food is not an unbroken line. It’s a sprinkling on top or mixed in with other things. That’s why Ruby could eat fries and Crowley could eat pizza. Salt only works if it’s pure and unbroken

Supernatural: where we don’t mind demons but instead help them figure out they can eat pie

Fixing one demon’s appetite at a time.






if you wouldn’t suck a dick for one million dollars you are lYING


there will never be another spn reaction gif that rivals this one for accuracy

because I mean jesus 


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True forms - Demon!Dean & Castiel


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SPN monsters project » Leviathan!Cas + Godstiel